Our Vision

Our vision is to introduce the natural beauty of Indonesia to the International World and Youth of Indonesia. At the same time, we want to increase the love of the Young Generation on the Unitary Republic of Indonesia and love the Legal Apparatus in Indonesia with one of the methods, namely the Police Apparatus who was the main actor in the game.

3D Scan Heritage Object

Using ORIGINAL Indonesian 3D Heritage objects that are created using 3D Scanning at the original location (eg Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, etc.).

Regional Language

Use Indonesian and some Regional Languages in the Archipelago in the game (Java, Minahasa, Bali, Manado, etc.). Dubbing involved native people in these areas.

appreciation of Interpol

Making this game as a form of appreciation to the Law Officials in Indonesia in combating drug abuse and fighting hoaxes.


Studying Game Development in a self-taught way but producing products that can compete with world-class industrial gaming companies.



We always develop our potenical and join various event, expo, and exhibition to improve the power of our brand. Below is our achievement in various milestone.


Delegation of Indonesia

Currently 23-28 July Manguni Squad goes to Shanghai, China. We are one of 10 Indonesian delegation to join International Licensing Expo China 2019.

Manguni Squad on Licensing Expo
Manguni Squad akan memberikan sensasi petualangan seru sekaligus memberikan edukasi untuk mencintai negara sambil bermain Game.
— Andria Kusuma Wahyudi, Founder
Manguni Squad merupakan bukti bahwa Indonesia bisa menghasilkan game berkelas Internasional dan tetap berkarya di Indonesia.
— Ardian Infantono, Co-Founder


Game based on Research

3D Visualization of Borobudur Temple located in Magelang, Central Java, as one of the aspects of the beauty of culture and natural heritage of ORIGINAL Indonesia, which was introduced in the Manguni Squad Game to the world community.

The Manguni Squad game is packaged by international standards by incorporating nuances typical of regions in the archipelago through visualizing objects of Indonesian heritage buildings in the scenario, including: Borobudur Temple in Magelang, Prambanan Temple in Yogyakarta, Gadjah Cave in Bali, Jesus Blessing Statue in Manado , etc. The Manguni Squad game is the only game in the world that introduces several Regional Languages ​​in Indonesia in gameplay including: Manado, Minahasa, Balinese, Betawi, Javanese, etc. The wisdom of the archipelago's local culture is an attraction for international game players to try this Manguni Squad game. .

The best educational approach that we take is to invite the younger generation to be directly involved in the activities of Android mobile games that are also favored by the younger generation. Learning fun, learning on an adventure, and zeal for defending the truth, while educating to stay away from drugs and fighting hoax, where one of the enemy actors in this game is a group of organized drug smugglers. The Manguni Squad game is inspired by the performance of Indonesian Law Officials who are able to act quickly, focus on investigating, operate on target, and are always ready at any time.

Toar Manguni Squad


Education inside the game

This game combines the various elements that make Manguni Squad the first FPS game to bring local wisdom, provide education and make users learn about Indonesia indirectly.

Using Original Indonesian 3D Heritage objects created using 3D Scanning in original locations (eg Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, etc.). Designed using Indonesian and several Regional Languages in the Archipelago in the game (Java, Minahasa, Bali, Manado, etc.) involving indigenous people in the Indonesian regions. The Manguni Squad game was created as a form of appreciation to Law Officers in Indonesia in fighting drug abuse and against deception. As for applying Local Wisdom in the Game. This team consists of 100% Indonesians who love the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

Kabasaran Manguni Squad



We plan to enter various sector such as youtube kids video, comic, new game and ect.

Manguni Squad Roadmaps



This game was designed to increase the love of the Young Generation on the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, love the Legal Apparatus in Indonesia, and foster a sense of Martial Arts for the younger generation. Because with the effort to defend the State, the STATE sovereignty can be maintained from threats both from the outside and from within.
o Efforts to defend the country are important because they aim to maintain territorial integrity.
o Bela Negaa's efforts are important because they are a historical call for the next generation of independence.
o Efforts to Defend the State are important because they are the obligation of each citizen as contained in article 27 paragraph (2) of the 1945 Constitution.
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Manguni Squad Roadmaps